Wednesday, 20 June 2018

My Opinion

I am proud to be Sikh, but I am ashamed of what international students have done to disgrace their culture. I am not saying all international students are the same!! Canada shouldn’t allow these students coming here and causing issues here, I mean what do you get out of this? its not India you can’t do what you want when you want!! You can’t bribe the police with money like in India. You should be blessed that we allow you to come, follow the rules of the law, Yes you guys do work hard and to get nice cars and it is hard to live on a student budget but you should also remember if you cause a problem with the law, either you get a ticket or a warning or deported back. I am sorry to say but if you want to keep a good reputation for students in Canada then don’t do stupid shit cause your just disgracing your family and the culture!! This is my opinion.

Tuesday, 13 March 2018

My Special Best Friend

They say moms are your number one best friend, yes that is true but I have one special best friend and I am proud to say she is my grandma. She was amazing, beautiful, loving sister, friend and mother. The doctors gave us an answer us an answer 4 years ago that she won't make it and we didn't believe that. We were right 4 years passed but then her time was coming to an end, it wasn't easy month for me, stayed with her for a week but I knew something was wrong when we took her home, she stopped talking which isn't normal for her but a day and a half passed. She asked me to call mom so that is what I did and after saying "I am in trouble" She passed away in my moms arms!! My grandma was a very strong and never complained that is why my grandma was my special best friend and always be.

Wednesday, 22 November 2017

God Recived An Angel

Today God took a son, a brother, a friend and an uncle. We lost a young kind-hearted soul but God received an angel. I can say many things about Jasdeep but one only can imagine the pain that his family and friends are going through. I haven't met Jasdeep in person but we talked a lot and had plans on meeting. Jasdeep was very young handsome, sweet and loving person. When I heard the shocking news it felt like a nightmare thought I was dreaming but it was reality. I wish it wasn't true but only time can tell what will happen. I would like to pray and give my deep condolences to his family. Rest In Peace Jasdeep you will be missed very much.

Monday, 1 May 2017

How I Struggled In Life

Hi, my name is Jaspreet Kooner and this is my story. I was born in Brampton, Ontario at Peel Memorial Hospital, as a healthy baby only problem was I had a hole in my heart but as i grew older it closed on its own, I was a quiet and shy kid, didn't talk much but my parents were worried why I didn't talk so they took me to doctors they said she will talk when she is ready so i started preschool and that's when I started talking at age of 4 yes i started late but that's when i found out i have a learning disability ever since that day I have struggled even when I started Kindergarten and when I moved, started a new school. Kingswood Public School it wasn't bad I was put into a regular class in Grade 1 & 2, then Grade 3 to 5 I was put into a special basic class, I learned a different way then everyone it was tough because I got distracted easily. I graduated from Elementary School and went to Sir John .A. Middle School from the first day of school I walked into a wrong class and then a teacher helped me find my class, i was interduced to my teacher, T.A (teacher's assistant) and class but it was different then the rest of school because in my class we had three different grades in 1 class so we had Grade 6, 7 and 8 so when I was in this class we had less handwritten work it was more hands on work, I had fun times learning different ways in Middle School we had so many field trips that i remember one of the trips i remember was scavenger hunt also learning how to take the bus, ever since i know how to take the bus I am so glad cause it comes in handy when you can't drive. Another memory was learning how to build hockey stick chairs 2 years in a row, it was good learning process but when it came down to gym, music classes then we had classes with the other students from our grades it was tough because learning how to do everything on your own its not easy takes step by step but when i was done Middle School graduated from there went to North Peel Secondary School now known as Judith Nyman Secondary School those 4 years of my life was huge learning experience it was hard I am not gonna lie I took a lot of workshops from woodworking, sewing, baking, horticulture, merchandising, childcare and many more but this was like any other high school but it was more like middle school cause i learned more hands on then hand written work I can remember sitting in class and getting the easiest work like from grade 2 or grade 5 work through grade 9 to grade 11 so I went to my guidance counselor and asked her if i can try a regular advanced class and she said it will be to hard but in my mind i can do it so in grade 12 she put me into a regular basic class and i remember it wasn't that hard as i thought because she didn't put me in a advanced class when I asked but that's ok so when I graduated high school i had to go back 3 extra years and to be honest i had all my credits but it wasn't worth going back cause i went on a bad path after all my friends left I was the oldest in all my classes kinda got left out. I did make bad choices when i was in high school, after i left high school i applied to Colleges and i got rejected because my English skills were low and I have tried to get my skills up, my parents got me a tutor i went to upgrading classes also went to The Learning Place since 2014 until 2016 I have struggled to get back into school and i have finally finished upgrading at a adult school near bramalea but when i was done school i started having family problems when my grandma got sick the day after my 24th birthday I spent a whole month with her in the hospital sleeping on the hospital floors i am not gonna lie but that's the truth it was hard trying to feed her and getting to the point i had lost my hope that she will get better but my grandma was strong even though she had a lot of health problems, she stayed in the hospital for a week brought her home for 2 days and then she had a cardiac arrest which was the most scary part cause it happens so fast like i can re live that day then we put her on life support and to be honest my dad didn't ask my brother, my mom and myself decision and it hurt same when they took her off from life support no question to ask us but i know shes in a better place but when i went home with my grandpa she lasted 1 hour but my mom didn't tell me over the phone but told me in person it hurt that she was no longer with us I was so heart broken i was so upset that i wanted her to stay but i couldn't do anything later that night at 2:30 am my grandpa got sick and we ended up calling the ambulance and no one from my family would go with him so i changed my clothes went with him to the hospital i had no sleep and the only thing i had was my phone and my energy drink I was also stressed out because i lost my grandma we went to Trillium Hospital then got transferred to Brampton Civic Hospital I was with my grandpa from 2:30 am to 10:30 am with no food or drink was really tired. 1 week later we had the the funeral and it was the worst day saw my brother crying made me cry and I wasn't able to sit there and see her it killed me inside, now i know my grandma is in a better place couple of months passed and in September 16th 2016 I was at the Library with my dad printing out a plane ticket for my uncle who was visiting from New York City, I had a seizure, i went to a hospital and it was scary cause i didn't know what was happening and it was my first one, i have had 2 EEG test and a MRI with my EEG test the lady who did it said I have Photosensitive Epilepsy after new years i got my MRI done and still waiting for my report but other than that I did a test for Academic Upgrading Assessment at Humber College and i am proud to say that i have gotten accept it. That is my story and I am glad to say I have my own business called JK Unique Fashion and my YouTube Channel Jazzy Kooner, the moral of the story is I have struggled as long as I can remember and I have met people like YouTube, singers and actors they have stories how they got where they are now. Don't give up just fight to get where you want to go.

Saturday, 8 April 2017

Rupan Singh Bal

Today I will be talking about one particular YouTuber and his name is Rupan Singh Bal. I have met many youtubers and singers but no one like Rupan he is amazing, honest, caring and loving person, The first time I met Rupan was last year at PAMA for Sikh Heritage Month and he was telling me his story how he wanted to do funny skits for YouTube but his family and friends telling him how he wasn't funny, but Rupan did it and showed everyone, now look where he is, doing many great jobs and working with greatest people. He told me if I put my mind to it I can do it and don't listen to what other people say, This year I met him at Starbucks and his friend telling him my story about my grandma and other things, his friend said that I have never met anyone who is going through a lot and yet still smiling today. I just would to Thank Rupan for encouraging me to start a YouTube channel and I will tell my story!!

Thursday, 2 March 2017

Time Heals Pain

This pain is getting worse day by day and I can’t keep doing this to my self, she’s in a better place but we have things of her, that keeps reminding me she is still here but she’s not I know time will heal this, how long will this go for? I sit where she sat everyday, I go in her room and see her bed empty it does hurt. The day she got sick was hardest help my mom to feed her, put her to bed and talk to her have funny convos. I miss you bibi ji so much and I know time will heal my broken heart.

Family Suffering

When someone you love passed away or has been into some sort of accident it’s hard on the loved ones mostly family like how my grandma fell ill we never thought it she would leave us but there’s a saying “everything happens for a reason” a week in the hospital and 2 days home with us then everything happened in a flash all I can remember was calling my mom and the ambulance had to do CPR on her after that 3 cop cars, 1 ambulance, 1 fire truck and 1 first response crew my family room was full of paramedics couldn’t get a grip of my self got dressed and called my dad to come home, mom called my cousin and i texted my brother and said to come home asap cause grandma’s heart stopped, dad and i went to the hospital was the worst day ever the hardest part was seeing her on life support! A week later we had to take her off life support and before we did that my grandpa got to see her and the next morning at 2:30 am we thought he had another stroke but found out it was a small heart attack now 6 months soon to be 7 months have passed I see my grandpa barley talk to anyone and upset, It hurts when your family is suffering from something like a big loss I wonder if she was still here he would be happy I miss seeing my grandpa happy!!! Always trying to make him happy but it will never be the same cause Grandma was the one who made everyone happy especially grandpa. Yes all families suffer from something!!!